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Peavey Hooks

July 02, 2018

Peavey Hooks

In the heyday of river log drives we manufactured 12 different hook styles and each had a following and specific purpose.  Steam locomotive and then trucking put an end to river drives.  The last Maine log drive was in 1976 - a change that had been coming for years finally arrived.

Despite the demise of the river log drive, Peavey sales remain strong.  The Peavey is still used today in the logging industry, by arborists, trail crews, tree care professionals, land owners, and portable sawmill operators. In addition to making our own tools, Peavey Mfg makes handles and specialty parts for hundreds of manufacturers (e.g. we're one of the largest wooden umbrella pole manufacturers in the world).  Not everything comes from China!  Peavey Mfg competes on the world stage.

Let's go back in time and take a look at hooks that we made in 1930.  Back then we forged our own Peavey hooks in our foundry because hardened steel was not readily available.  Since the 1960s we've been purchasing hardened steel that is cut and then ground into shape. There is no longer actual forging of the hook anymore.  The square nuts and bolts have also faded into history.  We've moved to a more traditional hex head.

Our modern Standard Peavey, Bangor Rafting Peavey, Cant Hooks, and Timberjacks use a 8 1/2" Duck Bill Hook modeled after Part #251 from our 1930 catalog (pictured above).

The modern-day Peavey hook is just as strong and durable as the old hooks, but with fewer size and style options.